高级账目和商务发展经理 Senior Account Manager (Business Development)

  • Competitive Salary plus Sales Commission
  • Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China
  • Permanent, Full time
  • iDeals Solutions Group
  • 08 Aug 17

Senior Account Manager (Business Development) in Shanghai - B2B Cloud Software for Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Corporate Law, Life Sciences, Real Estate and other sectors. iDeals Solutions (www.idealsvdr.com), a leading global provider of secure enterprise collaboration and virtual data room software is looking for an aspiring and highly motivated Account and Business Development Manager to grow business in China. The successful candidate will lead a team in Shanghai and be responsible for building sales and marketing channels in South China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Strategic Planning:

  • Consult with senior management on business trends with a view to develop new sales and marketing strategies and distribution channels.
  • Use knowledge of the market and competitors to identify and develop the company's unique selling points in China.
  • Contributing to marketing and product development.
  • Planning and delivering sales targets.

New Business Development:

  • Generating leads, prospecting and developing prospects into sales opportunities.
  • Networking and building relations with M&A and Corporate Finance professionals and senior level executives, including managing directors and associates at investment banks, PE and VC firms, partners at law firms, corporate executives of senior vice president and C-levels.
  • Representing company at key industry events, conferences, market specific meetings, etc.
  • Conducting product demos with prospects.
  • Preparing sales proposals and marketing write-ups.
  • Developing new partnerships.

Account Management

  • First-line contact at client project startup.
  • Manage and maintain key accounts relationships.
  • Engage directly with the largest customers to ensure high satisfaction and return rate.
  • Work with the product team, customer success team and other internal colleagues to meet customer needs.


Candidate Profile

The successful candidate will be a fast paced thinker with strong relationship building skills, staying up to date on industry changes and insights.

Desired skills and experience:

  • 3+ years of sales or account management experience with any B2B products.
  • 2+ years of experience in sales or business development in China.
  • Fluent in English and Mandarin.
  • Graduate with at least bachelor degree of Business Communications, Business Management, Information Technology, Finance or any other relevant discipline.
  • General understanding of corporate finance, investment, legal, accounting and technology industries.
  • Strong skill in client management, verbal and written communication skills and proficient in sales presentation.
  • Proficient in sourcing leads, prospecting, making sales discovery, giving polished presentation and demo, and providing a proposal for a solution that resolves customer’s pain.
  • Self-motivated, resourceful and ambitious individual with mature personality and business acumen, driven for success, and has intellectual curiosity.
  • Able to work in global (distributed) team, self-servicing and dynamic environment.
  • Able to work independently and efficiently on the road and out of office, readiness for travel up to 50% time.
  • Shows control and maturity in facing difficult situations, demonstrates creativity and resourcefulness.
  • Driven to differentiate and win in highly competitive markets.
  • IT-savvy with skills in Microsoft Office suite and any CRM software.

Will be a BIG PLUS:

  • Extensive expereince and established network of contacts in Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Private Equity or Venture Capital is a BIG PLUS.
  • Experience in launching and growing new products in the Chinese market.


Job Offer

The company offers a senior management role in it's expanding China business, providing an opportunity to apply and develop your skills and directly impact the business operations. We offer attractive market-level salary and incentive-based remuneration with generous bonuses and sales commission.

If you are interested, please send your CV and a cover letter in English through Linkedin or directly to hr.china@idealscorp.com


高级账目和商务发展经理,上海 - 企业融资,投资银行,私募股权,风险投资,公司法,生命科学,房地产等行业的 B2B 云软件 。

为了发展我们在中国的商业,iDeals Solutions (www.idealsvdr.com) 是安全商务合作和虚拟数据室的全球领先的提供商 寻找一个胸怀抱负的和积极性高的 高级账目和商务发展经理。





  • 咨询公司高级经理中国VDR市场需要发展怎么样,用哪些战略和分配路线
  • 用对市场和对手的知识为了确定公司销售独特卖点
  • 为营销和产品发展贡献
  • 执行销售计划


  • 创造潜在客户,探而发展潜在的顾客成为销售机会
  • 与并购和企业金融专业人士及高级管理人员建立联系,建立关系,包括投资银行,私募股权投资公司,风险投资公司的董事和联系人,律师事务所的合伙人,高级副总裁和C级的企业高管。在行业最主要的展览会,活动,论坛等等代表公司
  • 给客户安排产品培训
  • 准备报价和营销资料
  • 发展新的合作关系


  • 客户的第一次接触
  • 跟关键性账户管理和支持关系
  • 直接跟巨大的客户合作来确保挺高的回报率
  • 为了满足客户要求,跟产品团队、客服团队和其他部门合作合作


及格者应该能够在高速度在工作环境工作,享有良好的销售关系建立巧, 理解行业并有深邃的洞察力。


  • 3+年的账目或者销售管理经验(任何B2B产品)
  • 2+年的在中国商务发展的经验
  • 流利英文和中文
  • 最低教育程度:本科(商业通信,商业管理,信息技术,财务等等)
  • 对企业财务,投资,法律,会计和技术行业有一个大体的了解
  • 在客户管理,口头和书面沟通能力和销售介绍的强大的技能
  • 精通地找新的客户,战略,实现销售发现, 准备挺好的产品介绍和培训,提供报价和建议来解决客户的问题
  • 自我激励,足智多谋,成熟的个性,享有商业头脑,驱动到成功,享有智力好奇
  • 能够在国际团队,自我维持和动态环境中工作
  • 能够在路上和办公室独立、有效率地工作。准备出差时间的百分之五十
  • 在困难情况的时候,显示控制和成熟度, 创造力和智慧。
  • 在特备竞争的市场驱动到区分并赢
  • IT精明(包括Microsoft Office和任何CRM software)


  • 在企业融资,投资银行,私募股权或风险投资的工作检验和关系网络.
  • 在中国发动而发展新的产品的经验