Morning Coffee: JPMorgan pays £400k to hire ex-girlfriend of Ed Balls. Competitions to enter if you want a hedge fund job

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JPMorgan has been expanding its asset management division: it hired 1,400 people in the 12 months to June 2013. Now JPMorgan's asset management business has hired one more person: Stephanie Flanders, the economics editor at the BBC.

Flanders, who is reportedly joining JPMorgan's asset management business in a new role as chief market strategist for the UK and Europe, reportedly said it was time for a new challenge. According to the Daily Mail, she will join JPM on £400k a year, thereby tripling her pay. Flanders has pedigree. She achieved a first class degree in PPE from Oxford University before becoming a columnist for the Financial Times and joining the BBC's Newsnight programme in 2002. Flanders has dated both Ed Balls and Ed Miliband, but says she's nauseated by George Osborne.

Separately, Dealbook has some interesting information for anyone looking for a way of getting into a leading hedge fund. It points to U.S. recruitment company, BattleFin, which reportedly runs quantitative competitions aimed at piquing the interest of mathematical geniuses. The latest, called Big Data Combine, asks participants to build a predictive model for stock price movements. Winners from around the world are wooed by some of the biggest hedge funds in North America.


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