Morning Coffee: This firm is hiring 2,400 experienced finance professionals in the UK before June 2014

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Morning Coffee: This firm is hiring 2,400 experienced finance professionals in the UK before June 2014

Another week, another big hiring number - and, no, it doesn't involve JPMorgan and control jobs. This time, it's EY (formerly known as Ernst & Young). According to the Times, it wants to hire 3,700 people in the UK by June 2014. 2,400 people will be experienced hires and the rest will be university leavers.

The Big Four  firm has its own history of ostentatious hiring promises. Last year, EY told us that it would be recruiting 20,000 people in 2013 across Europe the Middle East, India and Asia (EMIA), of which 10,000 would be graduates and 10,000 would be experienced hires. In that context, 3,700 new hires sounds a little paltry - although this time they're for the UK alone and are happening over an eight month period. EY currently employs 11,000 people in the UK, implying that it's planning a 33% increase in headcount, just so long as no one leaves.

The new hires will be focused on a few key areas. EY wants 350 people for big data and 250 people for cyber security. It wants TMT advisors. The jobs will be distributed across the assurance, tax, advisory and transactions units.


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