Morning Coffee: JPMorgan in initiative to keep its juniors happy. Man leaves Deutsche, discovers whole new route to riches

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Goldman Sachs isn’t the only investment bank solicitous of its young staff. It seems that JPMorgan is too. Swiftly on the heels of Goldman’s new strategy banning juniors from working Saturdays, Dealbreaker reports that JPMorgan is introducing ‘protected weekends.’

What is a protected weekend? ‘IBD analysts and associates will not be allowed to even think about doing work, for one weekend every month,’ Dealbreaker says. The initiative is said to already exist for bankers in JPM’s healthcare group and has reportedly been, “very successful for morale.” Other JPM bankers will allegedly be getting the same thing very soon.

Separately, Bloomberg reports on 46 year-old ex-Deutsche banker, Gregg Sando. Ten years ago, Sando was the ex-head of the Financial Institutions Group at Deutsche. However, Sando quit banking to study a masters degree in immunology at Imperial College before starting Cell Medica, an immune therapy company which is now looking at an IPO worth around $75m.


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