Morning Coffee: Deutsche Bank's quiet exits. Man gets up at 3.30am, thrives

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When Deutsche bank unveils its next five year strategy along with its second quarter results, it will - in theory, be an okay day for its investment bankers. Anshu Jain has offered them words of reassurance, so has Jürgen Fitschen. Deutsche's retail bankers are thought to have the most to lose from the likely strategy shift.

It's weird, therefore, that people seem to be quietly departing from Deutsche's investment bank ahead of the big day. The latest to leave is Christopher Dennis, a prime broker who spent eight years with the German bank. Bloomberg reports that Dennis is off to join a hedge fund start-up. It also says that Deutsche is, 'considering scaling back' its prime broking activities. Dennis possibly knows something that we don't. - Maybe Deutsche's investment bankers shouldn't be too complacent after all.

Separately, it's not just junior investment bankers and Tim Cook who get by on very little sleep. Scott Adams. creator of the Dilbert comic, is sleep deprived too. "My alarm is set for 5 a.m., but if I wake up any time after 3:30 a.m., I call that close enough and pop out of bed with a hum and a bounce," Adams writes for Business Insider. "I have been under-sleeping for decades, and I just keep getting healthier," he adds. "- But don't take medical advice from cartoonists."


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