Morning Coffee: How your body and mind respond to a decade in trading. Nomura's retreat

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After 10 years or so working as a trader, some of them at a top hedge fund, you might think you'll be pretty hot stuff. Unfortunately, you probably won't be: you will be an amiable paranoiac with a paunch.

This is what Linette Lopez of Business Insider discovered when she attended SALT, the annual Las Vegas hedge fund conference which took place last week. Finance professionals are "dad bros", said Lopez - their physique is a balance between a beer gut and working out and their minds are obsessed with mitigating risk. Days were partly spent bobbing around the pool, nights were spent dancing in loafers to Pit Bull. The conversation was all about fear: fear of Putin and Iraq, fear of another market crash, fear of Hilary Clinton getting elected. Not that there's anything wrong with mid-life weight gain and paranoia, but it's probably not what traders envisage when they're starting out.

Separately, Nomura is pulling out of OTC swaps clearing in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Financial News broke the story, saying that the Japanese bank has decided that the "evolving and uncertain regulatory environment" makes OTC clearing too much like hard work. There won't be huge redundancies as a result: Nomura has fewer than five front office staff working in the affected regions and the bank's trying to redeploy them elsewhere.


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