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The most exciting banking interns of 2017

Xenia Tchoumitcheva interned at J.P. Morgan in 2011. She didn't accept their offer of a place

Everyone knows that the people who achieve a place on investment banks' summer analyst programs are impressive. If you don't have a pile of top qualifications, you're not going to get in. Most summer analysts have also spent at least two months volunteering. They have run various university societies and maybe started a (vanity) company on the side. So far, so identikit. - As one Goldman Sachs recruiter complained, the industry is deluged in "plug and play" types.

Every now and then, however, someone a little different comes along. In 2011, Xenia Tchoumitcheva, a Swiss-Italian-Russian model who speaks six languages, turned up for J.P. Morgan's intern program. The U.S. bank liked her and offered her a full time place.  Tchoumitcheva didn't accept and now runs a lifestyle website instead.  Zahrah Madihah Hussain, another professional model who arrived as a summer analyst at Morgan Stanley in 2015 did accept and is now a member of Morgan Stanley's bank research team at London's Canary Wharf.

There are no current or ex-'super models' among this year's summer intern classes (as far as we know). There are, however, a smattering of people who've done things that are a bit different to the rest. We've posted a sample of them below. If we've missed anyone significant out, please email us (, or let us know in the comments box at the bottom of this page. In an industry replete with uniformity, it's encouraging to see a little difference.

1. David Fong, markets summer analyst at Citi in London 

David Fong may look like your archetypal Imperial Electrical Engineering penultimate year student and senior vice president of the college finance society, but he has hidden depths.

Fong also has a CertHE with Distinction in Sound Recording from Surrey University. He's a sound engineer, an accomplished violinist, and has been known to DJ and bonfire nights and barbecues.

2. Christopher "Lambie" Lanman, investment banking summer analyst at UBS in New York

Christopher Lanman has it all: a place studying political science at Yale University, an IBD internship at UBS, and a sense of humour.

When he's not studying or playing football, Lanman can also be found at The Odd ducks, Yale's comedy show, where he's a performer. This could stand him in good stead: bankers who are also comedians are becoming a thing.

3. Ranulph Tees, equity research summer analyst at J.P. in London  

Tees already has plenty of internships under his belt. A philosophy and economics student at London's UCL, he's completed the Economist's internship program and a two month internship at Close Brothers Asset Management. There's more to Tees than just his finance experience though. He also toured Greece in 2014/15 with a production of Euripedes’ Bacchae, and London's Tatler magazine reported that he tried to storm a naked cabaret during a friend's 18th birthday party ta few years ago.

4. Caroline Ririe, IBD analyst at BAML in New York

Ririe's competing a bachelor's degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She's also in a band which has released two albums and plays across southeast America. You can see Ririe playing the violin and singing here.  

5. Eloka Agu, investment banking summer analyst at Goldman Sachs in London

Agu's an analyst at Goldman this summer. He's already been analyst at Accenture, has work-shadowed a project manager at Google for a month and has had two months' work experience at the British houses of Parliament. Agu's on track to achieve a first class degree at Warwick University, but this isn't his big differentiator. At the end of his list of achievements on his LinkedIn profile, Agu says he's the "top personality in the UK." Try matching that...

6. Andrew Camp, global markets summer analyst at J.P. Morgan in London 

A lot of accomplished interns have dabbled in small side businesses. Few have been really successful. Camp seems to be an exception: he's founded two successful businesses (a Rock School drumming business and an online company that trades second hand musical instruments) and used the profits he generated to set up a property investment company, making him a self-funded landlord at the age of 18...


AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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