Late Lunchtime Links: The 12 most risky banks to work for now

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Anecdotally, recruiters say pay and bonuses aren't the main preoccupations of bankers who change jobs nowadays - their overwhelming preoccupations are firstly whether the business they're joining is stable and secondly whether the bank housing that business will still exist in three years' time.

This being the case, job hopping bankers may want to avoid the ten banks listed below. Identified by the Center for Risk Management in Lausanne, these are the European banks deemed most exposed to systemic risk. The list suggests that in the event of another financial crisis, you wouldn't want to be working for Credit Agricole, Deutsche Bank, or Barclays.

CRML systemic risk


Standard Chartered's wholesale banking business had a good first half and continues to invest in people and technology. (Standard Chartered) 

Revenue at Standard Chartered grew by around 5% in the first half, compared with a full-year target of at least 10%. (Wall Street Journal) 

Banks' recovery is likely to be derailed by rising bond yields and falling bond prices. (Financial Times)  

The former head of international proprietary credit trading at Bank of America and more recently a hedge fund manager at Observatory Capital, plans to launch Rhodium Capital in the fourth quarter of the year. (Reuters)

Why you should clearly be working in exchange traded funds. (Twitter)

Mark Carney gears up for big meetings by listening to Hell's Bells by AC/DC. (Reuters) 

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