Late Lunchtime Links: The top 5 Masters in Finance courses; when it makes sense to wear black leather at work

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If you're thinking of doing a Masters in Finance, you may be feeling a bit spoiled for choice. In the UK alone, Masters in Finance courses are offered by the London School of Economics, the London Business School, the University of South Wales, and all manner of other universities which are known for their finance specialisms, or not...

Fortunately, the Financial Times has made things a little easier and released a 2013 ranking of top Masters in Finance courses globally. Confusingly for inexperienced students, the FT's ranking only applies to Masters in Finance courses which are open to people with some post-graduation experience. If you want to see the best Masters in Finance courses for fresh graduates, you could always click our 2012 Masters in Finance ranking here.

The FT's top five experienced Masters in Finance courses, in order, are: London Business School's Master in Finance, Singapore Management University's Masters in Wealth Management, the University of Illinois' one year Masters in Finance, Florida International University's one year Master of Science in Finance, and the Master in Finance at the University of Hong Kong.

If the main purpose of doing an 'experienced master in finance' is to increase satisfaction with your career, try the course at Singapore Management University: this is where the FT says students are most happy with their 'career status' three years' after graduation.

Separately, the Telegraph has some heartening news for anyone who thought wearing tight black leather in the office would be a barrier to promotion. Charlotte Hogg, soon to become the first Chief Operating Officer ever at the Bank of England, is reportedly well known for wearing 'biker-style black leather jackets and tight-fitting trousers.'


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