The top four IT skills recruiters are looking for, and how this tallies with banks' hiring needs

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If you work in financial technology and want to grab the attention of recruiters, it’s worth knowing which skill-sets are most in demand, even if they’re not especially difficult to find.

We’ve combed through searches on the eFinancialCareers CV database to look at the most desirable skills in financial technology that recruiters looked for over the past month. However, are the major investment banks actually hiring in this area?

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1. Java

In terms of development languages, Java remains by far the most desirable skill-set among investment banking technology recruiters. This has been the case for some time, particular those developers who also have an understanding of Scala, with foreign exchange, OTC derivatives and commodities among the more popular asset classes.

The recruitment reality:  Positive. If you’re a Java developer you may be wise to shoot your CV across to J.P. Morgan. The bank has 570 jobs globally including 75 jobs in EMEA, 336 in North America and 150 in Asia-Pacific. Morgan Stanley and Citigroup are also a relatively prolific recruiters with 105 and nearly 400 jobs globally requiring Java respectively.  Credit Suisse has around 35 roles, although these are predominantly in offshore centres like Poland and India, UBS also has around 50 roles globally and there are 12 positions at Deutsche Bank.

2. C#

C#/WPF may be one of the programming languages of choice for investment banks’ trading applications, but it is a skill that appears to be increasingly commoditised. While asset managers and hedge funds are still hiring in major financial centres, C# roles are predominantly either offshored or nearshored by most investment banks.

The recruitment reality: Middling. There are still roles available, but if you’re in the U.K. they’re more likely to be in places like Glasgow, while U.S .-based roles have moved away from Wall Street to more provincial locations. Eastern European locations are also popular for banks like Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, while Citi favours Belfast, Tampa and China.

3. Business analysts

Budgets within banks IT teams are tighter than in the recent past, and it’s a sign of the times that business analysts are among the most sought after skill-sets. However, it’s also telling that most recruiters were looking for BAs from outside of the front office arena. Instead of particular asset class expertise being the order of the day, recruiters were instead searching for those with credit and market risk knowledge.

The recruitment reality: Decent. Again the big U.S universal banks offer the most opportunities with 292 roles at Citigroup and 477 roles at J.P. Morgan. Morgan Stanley also has 164 roles for BAs globally and there are 16 at Deutsche Bank. Credit Suisse has 109 jobs, but again these are primarily in offshore locations.

 4. Project managers  

Again, if you work as a project manager in investment banking it helps to have a specialism and, according to searches on our database, that specialism should be risk management. In line with the changing methods of conducting projects within the banks, both Agile and Scrum techniques were also desirable skill-sets.

The recruitment reality: Middling. Of all the skill-sets we’ve covered, project management roles are the least prolific, but there are still opportunities. J.P. Morgan has nearly 380 roles globally and there are 220 at Citigroup. Morgan Stanley remains an active recruiter with 120 positions and Credit Suisse has nearly 100 roles for project managers.

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