Morning Coffee: Where Goldman bankers want their children to work. Maths questions from Cambridge University interviews

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Which banking jobs would insightful bankers choose for their children? Maybe no banking jobs at all. According to Greg Smith, the disillusioned VP who left Goldman Sachs last year and wrote a book about it, top financiers have been urging their offspring to sidestep the industry entirely and to go for science careers instead. However, it seems that some senior bankers are still steering their children towards finance - just not to the areas you'd expect.

The New York Times reported this weekend that Lloyd Blankfein's 20 year old daughter, Rachel Blankfein, did an internship at Goldman Sachs. Unusually, Rachel didn't go for fixed income sales and trading, she didn't go for equity research, she didn't try proprietary trading, and she didn't go for M&A. Instead, Rachel Blankfein interned in the Goldman Sachs foundation - Goldman's philanthropy arm. The Times pointed out that corporate philanthropy is a big thing at Goldman Sachs: in 2012, the bank gave $241.3m to charity, making it the fourth-largest corporate giver in America. The foundation is at the forefront of Goldman's push for social redemption and offers some interesting and well-paid jobs. Dina Powell, who runs the Goldman foundation reportedly earns around $2m a year. Lower-paid Goldman staff are reportedly peeved at Powell's pay, but you can see why Lloyd Blankfein might want a finance-wary daughter to work for her.

Separately, the Telegraph signposts some questions asked at Cambridge University maths, physics and engineering interviews. Derived from the website I want to Study Engineering, which is run by the Cambridge University Engineering Department, it includes questions such as:

'I start with a pint glass full of lemonade. I drink half of it and give it to you. You then drink half of what is left and give it back to me. I then drink half of what is left, and pass it back. We keep drinking half of the remaining lemonade then passing it across until there is a negligible amount of drink left. In total, what proportion of the pint did I drink?'

For the full array of Cambridge interview brain-twisters, click here. 


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